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Max Caster Confirms Tony Khan Has Suspended Him For AEW Raps

Max Caster AEW

While being interviewed by Chris Van Vliet, Max Caster spoke about whether any of his raps on AEW television ever went too far.

Caster, one-half of The Acclaimed, has made a name for himself with the raps and is a fan favorite as a result.

“No. There are raps that other people have thought I’ve gone too far on for sure. But everything that I’ve ever said and done has led to my career being at this point right now and I can’t regret it. I’ve never walked out there and been like yeah this is too far, but I’m gonna say it anyway. I think it’s funny.

Whatever I say, I think it’s funny. If it’s a bad joke, it’s a bad joke. It didn’t land, Oops, you know, stand-ups, they work material out in front of a crowd. If it doesn’t land, they just go well, okay, next joke, that one didn’t work. I kind of don’t have that luxury. If it’s really on the line I’ll kind of walk around to different people that I trust and go what do you think of this and If they really, really don’t like it, I might try and rework it. But, you know, I might also say it too.”

Caster also revealed that he has been suspended by AEW President Tony Khan for his raps in the past.

“For a time. But that stopped pretty quickly. Of course, I wasn’t gonna go there again. It wasn’t even that line [Simone Biles] in that rap. It was the Duke Lacrosse, and that is a whole to me grey area because it’s an accusation, but a false accusation. But it’s also referencing something that is very sensitive in the world, which is sexual assault, and I get it, it’s a very touchy subject.

I probably shouldn’t have said it but in retrospect, how could I ever regret that? Because when I returned to TV, it was like a hero’s welcome. So why was I being rewarded for the most horrible thing that anyone’s ever said? We walked out, it was I believe Chicago. And it was a Dark, I want to say 2021, Chicago, one of these shows before the pay-per-view. And we walked out, and it was, yeah, so happy you guys are back. Anthony had been wrestling singles matches in the time that I was away following that, and you could feel the energy just wasn’t in the room.

As great of a wrestler as he is, if he kept going it would have come together and people would get on board. But that’s the yin and yang of us is he’s gonna have the platform to do what he can do as long as I’m there, and vice versa. I think we’ve closed the gap on each other.

He’s become a great interview and I’ve become a more outstanding wrestler because I’m trying to focus more on that not so much on the rap. And we’ve kind of closed the gap, and we’re becoming more one and the same. But it helped, that suspension, that thing that I said the outrage helped my career and Anthony’s career in turn.”

H/T to Inside The Ropes


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