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Tetsuya Naito Match Announced For UJPW All Together

Tetsuya Naito NJPW

Following the successful debut of United Japan Pro-Wrestling’s inaugural All Together event, the second show is slated for Sapporo on June 15th. It has been confirmed that Tetsuya Naito and Jake Lee will face off at the show. Here is the announcement:

[“ALL TOGETHER” June 15th (Sat) Hokkai Kitael Tournament 1st card decided! ] The first single that has received much attention has been realized! Tetsuya Naito and Jake Lee, who are related by fate, finally go head-to-head!

■Tetsuya Naito and Jake Lee, who are related by fate, are finally going head to head!

A singles match between Tetsuya Naito and Jake Lee has been decided.

The relationship between the two broke out at the Korakuen Hall tournament on April 23. L.I.J vs. BULLET CLUB WAR DOGS When Naito faced Dorilla Moloney in a one-on-one duel in the fourth round of his singles match, he gained the upper hand in the match, but the ring became a lawless zone without a referee. David Finlay and Jake Lee barge in.

Then, Jake screwed Naito with FBS from Giant Killing and assisted Moloney’s victory, and then declared war, “Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Jake Lee. I’m the man who came to defeat Tetsuya Naito. I’ll do it any time.” Decree.

The two men faced off in an elimination match at the Hiroshima tournament on April 27th, and in the end, Naito kicked Jake off and took the victory, saying, “We didn’t fight in the ring for that long today, but Jake… Lee seems to be really interested in me too. Let’s hang out somewhere again.”

In response, Jake vowed an early rematch, saying, “Hey, Naito! Don’t think you won with that. Try to get the 3 count from me. I’ll do it again anytime, anywhere.” The two will clash in a 6-man tag team match at the “ALL TOGETHER” 5.6 Nippon Budokan tournament.

In the match, Jake and BULLET CLUB WAR DOGS overran the ring in a wild fight, and in the end Finlay hit a powerbomb from Gabe’s leg trap piledriver into the corner, and Jake won by direct pinfall from Naito with a finishing FBS. I stole it.

After the match, Jake stomps on Naito as he collapses in the ring and provokes him, saying, “Hey, let’s do a singles with Naito. I have no right to say anything to him. After all, we lost. I’ll slap you in the face. I’ll say it again. Let me do a singles fight with Naito next.”

On the other hand, Naito also said, “Until now, I knew Jake Lee’s name and face, but today I completely memorized it. I already know everything, including his name, birthplace, birthday, and blood type.” That’s how much I’m interested in him. What does it mean to be interested? Well, you should take a break now. That’s right, Tranquillo! Let’s face each other again in the ring. I’ll wait patiently for that day, Kaburon!” he said, quietly burning his fighting spirit for revenge.

Since the recent head-to-head record between the two is 1 win and 1 loss, will this one-on-one battle be the decisive battle? Keep an eye on the popular first single!

■ALL TOGETHER in SAPPORO – Noto Peninsula Restoration Support Charity Tournament –
June 15, 2024 (Sat) Doors open 15:30 Match start 17:00
☆ General sales start from May 19 (Sun)
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