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Jeff Jarrett Praises Former TNA Star: Someone Willing To Take Crazy Bumps Endears Them To The Fans

Jeff Jarrett AEW

Jeff Jarrett recently talked about a wide range of topics on his My World podcast. 

During the podcast, the AEW star discussed former TNA star Daffney while recalling her Slammiversary 2009 match, where she teamed with Raven to take on Abyss and Taylor Wilde.

“She didn’t come in as…a blue chipper,” Jarrett said. “She didn’t have, whether it’s a fantastic athletic background or trained by here, or this fantastic independent run, or whatever. She came on the scene in WCW just like…out of nowhere, and had to learn trial by error, really in front of everybody. But when you go back and watch, and I gotta heap a little praise on Abyss and Raven, because they knew how to put these matches together. But Taylor and Daffney just, to me, were the fancy salts of this that just took it to another level.”

“Daffney had that [connection], because…her look and…maybe a little crazy streak,” Jarrett said. “And that comes from her WCW days. But she just had a personality makeup that made for box office, that people just liked her. It was just…in our wacky world of professional wrestling, a girl who is willing to take a few crazy bumps here and there, it endears them to the fanbase.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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