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Tony Khan Recalls Taking A Spike Piledriver On Dynamite

Tony Khan recently did an interview with Bleacher Report’s Chris Mueller, where he discussed a wide range of topics. Here are the highlights:

Taking a spike piledriver on Dynamite: “I don’t think anybody in pro wrestling wants to be spike-piledrived ever. It’s one of the most dangerous, deadly moves in pro wrestling. It’s banned in multiple pro wrestling promotions and it’s illegal in several states, and there’s a reason. I don’t recommend it to anybody nor would I ever be eager to take another spike piledriver again. Only the most trained professional wrestlers can sustain that kind of beating, especially multiple times.”

Appearing alongside his father during the NFL Draft wearing a neck brace: “He [Shad Khan] thought it was fantastic. People were sending it to him. He knew it was going to get attention. He knows AEW is a big deal, and he follows the show and the product. He’s not a hardcore wrestling fan, but he watches AEW.”

Rich Eisen talking about the neck brace: “To have the voice of the NFL and host of the draft, Rich Eisen, every single round, reference the neck brace, talk about AEW, talk about the piledriver and what The Young Bucks had done to me, it got a lot of great attention for AEW.”

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